1st Annual Great Pumpkin Dash

3 Hour Team Endurance Kart Race

Who: Anyone with a kart or a friend with one.
What: 3 Hrs of non-stopped racing action and fun
When: Saturday October 29th, 2011 11:00am -2:00pm
Where: Pats Acres Racing Complex, Canby OR (6255 Arndt Rd 97013)
Why: Because we can…..

Calling all drivers. Now is your chance to take part in the first race of its kind, right here in your back yard. PARC will be hosting a 3 hr endurance kart race. Not so unique you say! Actually it is. The twist is that teams will utilize more than one kart, reducing the wear and tear and pounding that the ordinary endurance race puts on a kart. Now that the regular season is over, (at least it will be by then) this is the perfect time to get one more race (and a unique one) out of your equipment before you refresh and prepare for next years racing season. Here are some more details:
*3 Race Categories will be offered
CADET (open to any cadet chassis and motor package, 2 cycle or 4 cycle)
4 CYCLE (open to any full size chassis with any 4 cycle motor package)
2 CYCLE (open to any full size chassis with and 2 cycle motor (shifter of non shifter)

*Minimum number of karts per team is 1, Maximum number of karts not to exceed # of drivers
*Minimum number of drivers per team is 1, there is no maximum number of drivers
*TIRES: The number of tires used will be limited to 1 NEW set per kart, but teams can use an unlimited number of used tires. The manufacturer of the tire is open for all classes.
*Drivers Ages: Cadet (13 and younger) 2 and 4 CYCLE (12 and older)
*No substitutions will be allowed (karts or drivers) after the race starts. (Karts and drivers must all be on the team registration forms turned into registration prior to the race starting. Not all drivers and karts on the team registration forms must be used.)
*Driver Rotations Drivers rotations and substitutions are left to the discretion of the teams.

The race will last 3 hours in length. The team completing the most laps in the 3 hours will win. All 3 categories will run at the same time. Awards will be given to the winners of each category.

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