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Pat's Acres Announces New P.A.R.C. Series

  • Fri, Jan 25th, 2019
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    The 2019 local race season, here in the greater Portland area, will see some changes moving forward into the up coming season. The Pats Acres Racing Complex Series, or P.A.R.C. Series, is going to re-focus on building a local grassroots karting series, that has a focused class structure with fewer, but larger and more competitive classes. The 2019 P.A.R.C. Series schedule will include 5 weekend day races, 3 of which will be night races, and 5 Thursday evening races, for a total of 10 races in the Series. The classes that will run all 10 rounds is limited to the full range of LO206 and the new 100cc classes (see below for details). The TAG, shifters and World Formula classes will be offered on the weekend race dates only (5 rounds). The goal of the P.A.R.C. Series is to concentrate and grow the competition locally, in the classes that draw the most entries and appeal to the most competitors. The O2S will be joining for a few events again in 2019, with a focus on getting all the shifter and TAG drivers to show up for the same events. Plans for the 2019 P.A.R.C. Series include drawings and product giveaways, some brief instructional sessions regarding multiple aspects of racing, multiple track layouts (backwards anyone?), restructured race day awards, and a year end awards programs.  

Below are the class structures we will offer for the 2019 season.

                        2019 Pat's Acres Racing Complex Series (P.A.R.C. Series) Classes

Class                                   Age               Weight                 Engine                Fuel                  Tires /Size                       Rules

LO206 Cadet                      7-12                240                  Briggs 206*          Type 1          Evinco Blue 4.6(4)                  IKF

LO206 JR                          11-15               320                  Briggs 206*          Type 1         Evinco Blue  4.6x6.0                IKF

LO206 SR                         14 & up            360                  Briggs 206*          Type 1         Evinco Blue  4.6x6.0                IKF

LO206 Masters                  30 & up           370                  Briggs 206*          Type 1         Evinco Blue  4.6X6.0                IKF

100cc JR                            11-15               310              ROK VLR/KA100     Type 2        Evinco Blue  4.6X7.10        ROK/SKUSA

100cc SR                           14 & up            350              ROK VLR/KA100     Type 2        Evinco Blue  4.6X7.10        ROK/SKUSA

100cc Masters                   30 & up            380              ROK VLR/KA100     Type 2        Evinco Blue  4.6X7.10         ROK/SKUSA

    *These additional classes will be offered for weekend races only.*

KID KART                             5-8                Any          Comer 50/Honda 50       Any                         Any                                

WF Heavy                         15 & up            390                  Briggs WF              Type 1       Evinco Blue 4.6X6.0                IKF

TAG JR                               12-15              320            Leopard/X30/Rotax     Type 2       Evinco Red   4.6X7.10           SKUSA

TAG SR                             15 & up            360            Leopard/X30/Rotax     Type 2       Evinco Red  4.6X7.10            SKUSA

125 Shifter                         14 & up         385-395          Honda CR/ROK        Type 2       Evinco Red   4.6X7.10       ROK/SKUSA    

125 Shifter HVY                 15 & up           O2S                        O2S                  O2S                        O2S                           O2S


TYPE 1 is non-ethanol, non-oxygenated 89-91 octane fuel. (PARC fuel is okay)

TYPE 2 is VP C12 with Motul Kart Grand Prix oil mixed at a 24:1 to 16:1 ratio.

*Rain tires for all classes must be Bridgestone YLP, LeCont White or Purples, or MG WT's.

*Briggs LO206 refers to legal motors that are sealed and according to IKF rules.

         2019 Pat's Acres Racing Complex Series (P.A.R.C. Series) Schedule

Round                           Date                                         Classes Offered                                       Track Configuration

   #1              Sunday, April 28th, 2019                                     ALL                                                       Short Track

   #2              Thursday, May 9th, 2019                          LO206 & 100cc                                               Short Track

   #3             Thursday, June 13th, 2019                        LO206 & 100cc                                                Long Track

   #4             Saturday, June 29th, 2019                                   ALL (Night Race)                                   Short Track

   #5              Thursday, July 11th, 2019                         LO206 & 100cc                                                Long Track

   #6              Saturday, July 27th, 2019                                    ALL (Night Race)                                   Short Track

   #7              Thursday, August 8th, 2019                      LO206 & 100cc                                                 Short Track

   #8              Saturday, August 17, 2019                                   ALL (Night Race)                                   Short Track

   #9             Thursday, August 29th, 2019                      LO206 & 100cc                                                 Mid Track

  #10              Sunday, October 6th, 2019                                  ALL                                                        Long Track

*Track configurations will be announced later.

*The race dates above are tentative and can be changed at P.A.R.C.'s discretion.

    The racing format will remain unchanged, with a typical race day consisting of practice sessions, qualifying, a pre-final and a final. Trophies will be awarded after each race of the series with points being accumulated for the Championship at the end of the year. An updated version of the rulebook will be posted at a later date, and all questions concerning the P.A.R.C. Series should be directed towards the office at Pat's Acres Racing Complex.  

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