Go Kart Rentals

Pat’s Acres is excited to welcome our new rental fleet of SODIKART GT 5′s to our facility.  The SODIKART GT 5 is the most popular rental kart in the world.  Equipped with Honda 9 HP motors, these karts will propel you down the front straight away at nearly 50 mph.  These GT 5 karts will hold nearly 1.5 lateral G’s through the corners of our scenic twisted road course.  No place else in the Portland area will you experience the speed and thrills that Pat’s Acres can offer.  Drivers must be a minimum of 12 years old, with a signed parental release for anyone under 18.

Rental Kart Options

Regular Rentals
Our arrive and drive program. Race head to head with your buddies while also competing for laptimes. Beat the fastest lap of the month and win 3 FREE sessions. (Time to beat posted inside behind counter)
PARC Super Series (League Night)
Our new League Night format runs once a month. Come drive in a real race scenario format. Pre register to save a spot! They fill up fast!
Corporate Groups
Enjoy a fun day of competitive team building and bonding with your bosses and fellow employees.
Bachelor Parties
Race your buddies head to head for the ultimate bragging rights!

– Must be at least 12 years old and a minimum 5′ tall
- Under 18 must have PARC parental release form signed
- Maximum weight of driver 250 lbs.
- Helmets provided
- Must have a head sock (we sell for $3.00)
- Close toed shoes required…NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS
- Parents must be present to sign release form for drivers under the age of 18
- Rental karts do not operate on PARC race days (see Schedule)
- Rental karts do not operate in the rain

Honda Rental – 50 mph
- 12 minute session $25
- Annual license (mandatory: valid Jan. thru Dec. of that year) $12
- Helmet Liner $3

- Tuesday-Friday 12-Dusk

- Saturday-Sunday 10-Dusk

- Friday & Saturday 10-Dusk

- Additional days if it is dry.

Call ahead-Chris: 503-519-4392

PARC offers a variety of programs designed to introduce both kids and adults to the world of karting. Both adults and kids as young as 6 can take a one or two hour instructional session. Before spending thousands of dollars, make sure that karting is something you are going to enjoy. A proper introduction and education can make all the difference. Along with lots of track time, we will introduce the drivers to race track etiquette, teach them throttle and brake control and teach them what to expect when their first race day rolls around. Adults can get some instructions and track time in a variety of karts. 1-hour lessons start at $99 and the the two hour classes are $159 (2 hour class: license included). We can tailor any program to fit your needs. These programs are available only during the racing season and only during the week. Call for more details. PARC offers a unique outdoor activity for corporate groups and companies. Groups of all sizes can experience a real day of racing.Groups of 15 or mare can experience our LeMans style team endurance races. These races are from 60 to 120 minutes in length. Teams will experience quick pit stops with driver changes and will came up with their own strategies to out race their opponents. Races can include podium trophy presentations and catered meals. Our in house resident Chef will prepare a meal you won’t soon forget on our Traeger grills. Smaller group outings and other options are available to meet your groups needs. Call today to for more info or to schedule your group. PARC will give your group a day they will talk about for a long time. We also has a full paintball facility for group games. These outings are great for team building, customer and employee appreciation, and group incentives. For more details and appointments, call Chris at 503/266-PATS

36 Responses to “Go Kart Rentals”

  1. kyle

    How long would it take to het a license to bring my own kart to you track and practice? Do you require neck braces>

  2. Jack Binzer

    I love these karts! They give you the ultimate race experience!

  3. james

    how much would it cost to do the LeMans style races and is their a reserved date for this to come to or does it have to be planed privately

    • parc

      The LeMans style race has to be a scheduled event. The price depends on the length of the race and number of karts. Call and we would be glad to go over the details!…(503)266-7287

  4. Carl

    will rentals be available this Thursday 4-25-2013?

  5. Janine

    Trying to plan a trip during spring break from Mar 25 – 29. Will you be open and what hours or will it just be your regular schedule on Fri Mar 29 (good friday holiday), Sat Mar 30 and Sun Mar 31st (easter). Thank you and will await reply.

    • parc

      We will be open Tuesday, March 26 thru Friday, March 29 noon till dark and Saturday, March 30 10:00 a.m. till dark. Sunday, March 31st we will be closed. If you have any questions you can also call us at 503-266-7287.

  6. Janine

    Trying to plan a trip up during Mar 25 – 30 during Spring Break. Can you let me know what days and time you will have rentals available? I know you are normally open Friday and Saturday, but just seeing if you will open during the week since kids will be off from school. Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Colin entze

    How much would it be for an hour per person???

  8. Annie

    I know you have other things going on at your track and I hope the date I want isn’t to far out to be able to let me know, anyways my honeys 1 yr clean is coming up march 9,2013 and we are all really proud and I’m trying to find something he would enjoy doing to celebrate so if this day is good with you for the 50 mph go karts can you let me know what time you’ll be open that day I want to surprise him and have his family and some of his friends meet us there, thank you for your time!!

  9. parc

    Sorry to get back to you way after the fact, unfortunately we do not offer anything other than our regular 15 minute rental sessions

  10. parc

    Our wording is correct. Sessions are $25.. Your phrasing is a little tweaked

  11. Hello,

    I am thinking about going to Pat’s Acres, but I wanted to ask: can one bring one’s own dirt kart? Do the karts have to be asphalt racers or can they also be mini-buggies?


  12. will hag

    Is there a 2-3 hour raceing time for a cople of people at one low price or do you have to pay for the 14 minute session each time?

    Also how many cc is your go karts?

    Thank you very much!!!

  13. Do you sell gift certificates? I would like to give one as a gift to my son-in-law for Christmas.

  14. You can print the Groupon or open it up on your smart phone to be scanned. Sorry to get back to you so late, feel free to call if you have any other questions. 503/266-7287

  15. jared

    Hey where do i get the parental release form for drivers under the age of 18? and on sundays i can show up at any time and race? (first timer)

    • We will have to fax one over to you, unfortunately that’s our only option. This Sunday 8/27 we will be open from 10:00am-Dusk and walk ins are welcome. I recommen that you ALWAYS call ahead for availability before you make the drive. Any other questions feel free to call 503/266-7287

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  17. Can you race with rentals like against people or an event?

  18. Is their discounts for driving the carts?

  19. Todd

    I have a go Kart that I would like to race on your track. Is that possible? if so what is the cost?

  20. Victoria Canfield

    I am hoping to give my husband an afternoon of carting for Fathers Day. My nine year old son has been racing quarter midgets since he was five years old so we are very much into racing. I would love to buy a package for both of them. Is that possible? Can my 9 year old racer get behind the wheel of one of your carts?Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  21. Connie

    I would like to plan an 18th birthday party. I would like to have a couple of hours of racing against each other for 10-15 people July 29th. Please advise me on the costs and availability. I am open to suggestions for a format.

    Thank you

  22. Denise Everhart

    I won a 6 person gift cert at the Country Christian auction. I would like to use them April 30, 2011 for my son’s birthday. Please give me a call at 503-939-5952.

    Thank you

  23. I am trying to plan a Karting challenge on 21MAY2011 for the local chapters of our car club here i Puget Sound. Where are you located? Is the establishment open to fit us in and what are costs? I would like more info 858-431-6802.

  24. Martin

    I am planning an outing for my team at work. I would like to find out what are your rates for a team of about 10-15 people. call me at 773-490-0161

  25. MACK

    When are you having open practice and what do I need to bring my son out to drive ?


    • We will be having open practice the remainder of the week untill Saturday. Saturday September 11th and Sunday September 12th we will be having a race. All your son will need is a Pat’s Acres license and all the propper safety equipment. We have everything you need available for rent if you do not have it.

  26. Is Sept 11th an open rental day?

    • admin

      No, there is a race Saturday September 11th and Sunday September 12th so we will not be open to rentals, sorry.

  27. I would like to reserve a race day for my Service and Parts Department Employees. Please call me at 360-600-5288