2015 Night Race!

Posted 6-9-2015

Night Race Saturday July 13th Short Track
Entry Fee All Classes $75
General Admission 5 & under Free $10

Pat’s Acres will be hosting a night race for the Oregon State Karting Championship Series Race on Saturday,June 13th!!! Come race or watch, but don’t miss out on the fun!

Tentative Saturday Schedule Details Time
Rental Karts Only No Practice 10:00am-2:00pm
Race Registration Opens Inside Pro Shop 1:30pm
Closed for Private Event Closed to everyone 2:00pm-3:00pm
Race Practice by groups Racers Only 3:00pm-5:00pm
Night Race Driver’s Meeting 5:15pm
Qualifying by Groups 5:30pm-6:50pm
Heat Races 7:10pm-8:45pm
Short Break
Main Events 9:15pm-11:15pm


All existing posted dates are now practice days.  Due to low rider turnout for races, PARC SuperMoto will become practice only with the exception of the Labor Day Weekend Exhibition Race This race is run in conjunction with the drift event.

Be sure to come check out our new TT woods track that is open every weekend.  Over a mile of new trails to challenge riders of any level!!!

Upcoming SuperMotoRace

Posted 4/24/2012

Our First Event Is this Sunday April 29th, here is a brief outline of the event.
Saturday practice $40. 10-00am till 8:00pm
Sunday Race entry. $49 (unlimited classes)
Pit passes $8 Sunday only
Over night camping allowed
8:00am Gates Open
9:00am Practice
10:00am Heats begin, 2 Heats per class.
Main event will follow heats.
Will have 4 race groups.
Event should be done around 12:30 or so.
Class structure posted on our page, SuperMoto classes only.
We will ride the dirt weather permitting. We need to dry out to prep.

Trophies awarded based on entries. 1 trophy if 3 entries, 2 trophies if 5 entries, 3 trophies if 6 or more entries.
Call track for questions 503-266-7287

Late Breaking Northwest Karting Challenge News!

Posted 3/28/12

We have all heard the phrase life is full of surprises and this year’s NorthWest Karting Challenge has a surprise for you as well – All Oregon State! Oregon Pinot Noir’s are some of the best in the world and this year we can say the same for our kart racing. Recently, PGP Motorsports Park in Washington announced that they will be taking 2012 off from competitive 2-stroke racing while a new Master Plan for the neighboring Pacific Raceway’s is developed. So in order to make sure the regions Shifter Kart and Rotax pilots are taken care of, the 2012 season is now going to be split between 2 Oregon State tracks; PARC and Medford.

PGP Motorsports Park operates under the neighboring Pacific Raceway’s Conditional Use Permit and what may sound like a short term problem is actually a long term gain. The King County Council just past by a 7-2 vote to support an all new Master Plan that allows legislation for expansion of facilities and hours of operations along with other customer friendly amenities that will put the entire complex on par with the best in all of North America. Although PGP is a completely separate company from PRW’s, the common CUP keeps them married and in any good marriage there is some give and take. One of the immediate benefits of the give and take is PGP extended their own lease to 2039, 10 additional years of operations.

So what does this mean for the newly realigned NorthWest Karting Challenge (NKC) Series? It means some temporary changes will see some long-term benefits in the future. It means theNorthWest Karting Challenge will continue with some minor adjustments for this year. The series will now become a 3 weekend, 6 round series. It means the added opportunity to go race in Medford OR on their newly repaved track. It means the NKC will still have Rotax recognition and all the SKUSA benefits it originally offered. It means the NKC will still offer the regions Shifter Kart and top Rotax racers all the value it always has. It means this year is still going to be a great year. And who knows, next year we may be expanding to a three track series – extending the “I-5 Corridor” concept anyone?

So what are the details? The first weekend scheduled for PARC on April 14-15 has been cancelled. This is actually due to the flooding issues Mother Nature is throwing at PARC and not at anything else. Here we are on Spring Break, in late March, and we are under water again. After completing a grueling and thorough clean up effort earlier in the month, we will begin Round 2 of our heavy weight battle with Mother Nature sometime this next week and expect to get the upper hand on her. So the new NKC 2012 schedule will look like this:

Rounds 1-2. May 19-20. PARC. (previously scheduled PGP date)
Rounds 3-4. July 7-8. Medford OR. (previously schedule TBA date)
Rounds 5-6. August 25-26. PARC. (previously scheduled PARC date)

As you can see, the dates have remained the same and are still conflict free with other events in the region. You will just have to re-program your GPS systems for directions for one weekend. Stay tuned for more info coming shortly. Let’s make sure this year is a great one. Thanks to everyone’s support and look forward to seeing all of you at the track…

First Pat’s Race Cancelled!

Posted 3/22/12

The race that was scheduled for March 25 has been moved to Mac due to flooding! In addition, the April 22 race that was scheduled for the McMinnville track will be hosted at Pat’s Acres to account for the missed race.

PARC will be on hand at the McMinnville track this Sunday to sell 2012 PARC memberships. You may also stop by the track on Saturday (hopefully) or sign up via telephone. stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. See ya at the track…..

The 2012 PARC Supersport 200 race has also been cancelled this weekend due to flooding. The other classes will be racing at McMinnville on the 25th. The race on the 25th at McMinnville will NOT count towards the 2012 PARC Supersport 200 Championships. We will reschedule this round at a later date. Stay tuned for details!

PARC will be on hand at the McMinnville track this Sunday to sell 2012 PARC memberships. You may also stop by the track on Saturday (hopefully) or sign up via telephone. stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. See ya at the track…..

1st Annual Great Pumpkin Dash

3 Hour Team Endurance Kart Race

Who: Anyone with a kart or a friend with one.
What: 3 Hrs of non-stopped racing action and fun
When: Saturday October 29th, 2011 11:00am -2:00pm
Where: Pats Acres Racing Complex, Canby OR (6255 Arndt Rd 97013)
Why: Because we can…..

Calling all drivers. Now is your chance to take part in the first race of its kind, right here in your back yard. PARC will be hosting a 3 hr endurance kart race. Not so unique you say! Actually it is. The twist is that teams will utilize more than one kart, reducing the wear and tear and pounding that the ordinary endurance race puts on a kart. Now that the regular season is over, (at least it will be by then) this is the perfect time to get one more race (and a unique one) out of your equipment before you refresh and prepare for next years racing season. Here are some more details:
*3 Race Categories will be offered
CADET (open to any cadet chassis and motor package, 2 cycle or 4 cycle)
4 CYCLE (open to any full size chassis with any 4 cycle motor package)
2 CYCLE (open to any full size chassis with and 2 cycle motor (shifter of non shifter)

*Minimum number of karts per team is 1, Maximum number of karts not to exceed # of drivers
*Minimum number of drivers per team is 1, there is no maximum number of drivers
*TIRES: The number of tires used will be limited to 1 NEW set per kart, but teams can use an unlimited number of used tires. The manufacturer of the tire is open for all classes.
*Drivers Ages: Cadet (13 and younger) 2 and 4 CYCLE (12 and older)
*No substitutions will be allowed (karts or drivers) after the race starts. (Karts and drivers must all be on the team registration forms turned into registration prior to the race starting. Not all drivers and karts on the team registration forms must be used.)
*Driver Rotations Drivers rotations and substitutions are left to the discretion of the teams.

The race will last 3 hours in length. The team completing the most laps in the 3 hours will win. All 3 categories will run at the same time. Awards will be given to the winners of each category.

2011 Fuel Spec Rules for PARC

In yet another attempt to control the cost of racing for racers in our area, PARC has made arrangements to make available a lower cost racing fuel for the Rotax classes and others. The OSKCS and the I-5 Corridor Series will spec the PARC 92 Fuel for the Rotax classes for 2011. The PARC 92 fuel is a 92 octane blended fuel that does NOT contain Ethanol. This fuel will burn very much like the National SPEC Rota fuel MS 93, but at about half the cost. With the US Rotax Grand Nationals in Utah this July, many of the area racers will be attending. We wanted to utilize a fuel that would burn much like the National fuel, making the adjustment very easy for the racers. The cost of the MS 93 would have been somewhere around $12.50-$13.00 this year. PARC can offer this new fuel at around $5.50 to $6.00, saving competitors over half. The PARC 92 Fuel will be available at PARC for the entire year and PARC is making arrangements to make this fuel available to other kart shops. The fuel will also work for the PARC SuperSport 200 (PARC CLONE) classes as well.

I-5 Corridor Series Primer

Welcome to the new I-5 Corridor Series combining the 2 finest race circuits in the entire Northwest with the most experienced Officials to have promoted and organized kart events nationally in the last 10 years. The I-5 Corridor Series will provide our competitors with streamlined classes, maximum track time, quality fields, smooth and technical circuits, and a consistently fair playing field void of politics. Perhaps the best feature of this series however is the tremendous value only we can offer for a multi-track tour. Racers and families will be rewarded with substantially reduced travel costs, yet be treated to the two most prestigious tracks. The I-5 Corridor Series is real racing that can’t be missed.

Series Elements:

Both PARC and PGP will recognize and honor each other’s annual memberships. One or the other is all that is required to participate in the series. For those competitors that do not want to have to join under either facility, a $25.00 per event day fee will be collected at each event.

Stock Honda Junior
Open Shifter utilizing ICC and built Honda engines
Micro Max
Mini Max
Rotax Junior
Rotax Senior
Rotax Master’s

There will be combining of common classes or classes with similar performance such as: Honda Heavy/Open – Rotax/TaG Senior – Rotax/TaG Junior. This will only occur when class counts are smaller. The goal of this series is to have no more than 6 categorized segments to maximize track time for everyone.

Kids Karts will be allowed within the down time of regular event day.

Rules and Regulations
All Moto classes will be run utilizing the SKUSA rulebook. The I-5 Series would like to recognize and thank SKUSA for this authorized use of their rules. The exception to these rules is tires and oil as detailed within this primer.

All Rotax classes will run per National Rotax Max Challenge Series Rules.

All TaG classes will run per SKUSA TaG Rules.

Entry Fee $75.00 pre-entry per event day ($150.00 weekend), click here for entry form.

$90.00 after pre-entry cutoff per event day.

A full 10 minute qualifying session per group with open hot pit lanes.
Pre-Final – 8 miles in length.
Final – 12 miles in length.

The six best accumulated finishing results count toward championship.

Race Event One & Two – May 15,16 – PARC – Mid Configuration

Race Event Three & Four – June 19,20 – PGP – Counterclockwise

Race Event Five & Six – August 21,22 – PGP – Clockwise

Race Event Seven & Eight – Sept 11,12 – PARC – Long Configuration

Spec tire for the series is the Maxxis HG3.
Rotax class will run the MOJO D2.

All classes VP98 Motorsport except Rotax.
Rotax will run Chevron Supreme.

All classes Maxima 927 Castor, Dumonde Castor or Synthetic, Motul 27 800 Synthetic except Rotax.
Rotax will run Motul 800 2T.

Key Officials will be the same at every event in order to ensure consistency between venues. Technical Director, Mark Winn.
Competition Director, to be named.

Announcer: Terry Bridges will announce at P.A.R.C., but due to scheduling conflicts cannot announce at the P.G.P. races.

Awarded utilizing the SKUSA distribution scale.

Trophies will be presented for 1st – 3rd finishing positions

Forms Online
Entry Form
Tech Form

Pit Space Request (first come first served, must be submitted at the same time of entry)

Event Schedule

PARC and PGP Memberships accepted