All existing posted dates are now practice days.  Due to low rider turnout for races, PARC SuperMoto will become practice only with the exception of the Labor Day Weekend Exhibition Race.  This race is run in conjunction with the drift event. 

Be sure to come check out our new TT woods track that is open every weekend.  Over a mile of new trails to challenge riders of any level.

Click here to get a taste of SuperMoto at Pat’s!

Saturday practice $40 From 10-00am till 8:00pm
Sunday Race entry $49 (unlimited classes)
Pit passes $8 Sunday only
Over night camping allowed
gate opens at 8:00am
Practice at 9:00am
2 heats per class at 10:00am
Main event will follow heats. Will have 4 race groups.
Event done around 12:30 or so.
SuperMoto classes only.
We will ride the dirt weather permitting.
We need to dry out to prep.
Trophies awarded based on entries.
1 trophy if 3 entries
2 trophies if 5 entries
3 trophies if 6 or more entries.


The 2012 PARC SuperMoto Super Series is shaping up and man are we excited. Rider input has given us some great ideas for this years series. The Series will be an 8 race Series with 7 results counting towards the championship. The events will be held Sunday mornings (as per rider input) to allow riders to commit to other things in life. Practices will start at 8:30 am and we should be wrapped up by early afternoon. The events will be ran by our PARC event staff to allow full participation from the SuperMoto riders and their families. Lots of track time, real trophies for classes with 5 or more riders, and a reworked dirt section will await this years competitors. Rounds 6 and 7 will be part of a Labor Day Motorsports Festival at PARC, featuring Drifting, SuperMoto, auto-crossing and a Hot Rod Cruz-In. This two day event will be the highlight of the series for sure. Stay tuned for more info. Be sure to mark your calendars with the following dates:

Dates Coming Soon!

*All efforts were made to avoid scheduling conflict with OMRRA and OregonSuperBikers schedules. Unfortunately the May and July dates conflict. Rest assured this was certainly not intentional.

Go to the Official Pats Acres SuperMoto Page…

11 Responses to “SuperMoto”

  1. Lucas

    Can’t wait to try your track I just got my SM and I need places to ride! Hopefully can round up more of us washington riders and help promote a bigger and better year for you! Thanks so again for letting us ride!

  2. Darren Green

    Friday night supermoto? That is just way too cool and is very exciting to hear! Although it’s been a good two years since I’ve ridden supermoto, this will absolutely get me on over to PARC and potentially back into it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the schedule once that is made available and sincerely hope to see a rejuvenation in the local supermoto scene as a result of what you’re putting together here, Chris.

    Thank you!

    Darren Green

  3. Jim Wilson

    P.S. Also Masters—should not be limited to 450cc, IMO. Currently, 690cc covers just about everything, I believe.

  4. Jim Wilson

    I recommend that you don’t limit Open classes to 450cc.

    Have always enjoyed riding at Pat’s!


  5. Patrick Mccready

    i’m definitely into racing at pats, i was super disappointed to hear osb wasn’t going there this year. i think weekends are going to work best for the bulk of us are weekend warriors. just my 2 cents.
    Patrick M

  6. Debra Johnson

    HI there,

    I was wondering if Pat’s is going to have any SuperMoto races or Practice sessions for 2012? I am from WA and want to come down and try out the track and do some races there if you are having them. Also will a PGP Membership crossover for the pricing on your memberships?

    Thank you for any information

    Debra Johnson

    • We will be running practice days and a full racing schedule. Things will be posted soon. Unfortunately the PGP membership won’t cross over as the membership fees help cover the facilies overhead to provide you a place to race. Hope to see you soon….Chris

  7. I would be happy to attend some supermoto events there. We had low turn out problems last year which lead to a lot of waiting for rental karts.
    I took over as Oregon Superbikers club president and hope to rebuild the crowd to previous levels.
    One thing I hear from a lot of guys is the whoops are real hard on less than pro level riders. Table tops are more popular for supermoto.
    Good luck in your efforts!
    John Burgess

  8. Shann

    Lookin at a 39cc two stroke water cooled bike. Can i race this in the supermoto class?

  9. Thank you so much for wanting to organize another SM league! I loved racing at Pat’s last year (best days of my year) and hope to have a great time out there this year, may just want to make sure your schedule doesn’t conflict with OSB’s too much.
    -one more rider.


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