Lessons include private track use & a driving instructor.
Driving Schools

Pat's Acres Racing Complex

     PARC offers a variety of programs designed to introduce both kids and adults to the world of karting. Both adults and kids as young as 6 can take a one or two hour instructional lesson. Before spending thousands of dollars on equipment, make sure that karting is something you are going to enjoy. A proper introduction and education can make all the difference. Along with lots of track time, we will introduce the drivers to race track etiquette, teach them throttle and brake control as well as teach them what to expect when their first race day rolls around. Adults can get some instructions and track time in a variety of karts. We can tailor any program to fit your needs. These programs are available only during the racing season (Spring, Summer, Fall) and only during the week. Call for more details.

Intro to Karting Lesson                                         $159

    Our goal is to teach the driver the rules of racing and allow plenty of time to emphasize fun and learning with the basics of performance driving! These lessons are done in one of our “arrive and drive” 50MPH Rental Karts or in our new 35cc Kid Kart. Great for the adult who wants to hone their skills before challenging their friends. For the young teens who want some time behind the wheel before being released on our roads or even a great way see if your kids are going to enjoy racing before you go spend thousands of dollars on a kart of their own.

    This 2 hour intro lesson begins with a track walk with the instructor where they will go over the basics of driving and the racing line. Then, you will be driving on track for 5 sessions with the instructor. Each lesson is individually designed for each persons driving level, ranging from a 4 year old with absolutely no driving experience to the 20 year old learning to perfect their driving skills. 

    For more information or to schedule a lesson, contact patsacresevents@gmail.com

Meet Our Instructors

Cameron Egger

Age: 25                    Years of racing experience: 20 years                    Years of training experience: 10 years

Racing achievements:

2018 SKUSA ProTour S2 Shifter Championship - 4th place

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals 22 Pro Shifter - 14th place                                   

2018 Can-Am Karting Challenge Pro Shifter - 1st place, 2nd place, 2nd place                                   

2017 Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix S2 - 3rd place 

2010 SKUSA SuperNationals 14 S2 - 4th place                                  

2003-2005 Official SHIFT Northwest Junior Driver

          About Cameron

    Cameron Egger first drove a kart when he was 4 years old and has been racing karts competitively around North America since he was 9 years old. As soon as he started racing, Cam quickly became competitive in the Jr. Shifter categories making himself one of the guys to beat at the national level. Cam was a top dog in his class until he got to high school where he then became more serious in football and basketball, forcing him to sacrifice racing. For 8 years, Cam only entered into 4 races, including a podium finish at the 2010 SKUSA SuperNationals in Semi-Pro Shifter. At the beginning of 2018, Cam decided to embark on his return to the track entering into the SKUSA ProTour in S2 and SKUSA SuperNationals in Pro-Shifter. Cam made a name for himself in his first year back posting multiple podiums at the national level.

    Off the racetrack, Cam has established himself as top-level driver coach and kart mechanic. He works with many kids on the track weekly honing their skills and developing them into very talented drivers. Cam offers driver coaching services as well as kart tuning services during the racing season in an effort to grow and develop the local kart racing scene. You can contact Cam via email at cameron003egger@gmail.com for more information regarding private driver coaching.

Dalton Egger

Age: 21                    Years of racing experience: 17 years                    Years of training experience: 11 years

Racing achievements: 

2018 Can-Am Karting Challenge LO206 Sr. Round #1 - 1st place

2015 Can-Am Karting Challenge S2 - Champion

        About Dalton  

    Dalton first hopped into a kart when he was 4 years old and started racing competitively around the North America when he was 10 years old. Dalton quickly became a top name in the Cadet classes when he was 8-12 years old and started traveling to do the Florida Winter Tour earning multiple top 5 finishes. Like his older brother, high school sports forced Dalton to take a break from racing but he is making a return to the national level in 2019. Dalton is a film maker in his spare time and also finds himself working many of the national level kart races around the country.    

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