Drift Events



 Annual PARC Driver License for ALL drivers $40.00

License Auditions $30.00 (part of entry fee)

If you pass the audition you will pay the remainder of the Entry Fee

Audition Only required first time at PARC…good for life!

Drift Entry Fee $100.00

Admission $15.00 (must find own ride for ride-a-long)

Kids 5 and under $5.00

Concessions open for Breakfast and Lunch

Media Pass:  Must confirm credentials prior to event (first 10 people) Call the track @503-266-7287 or e-mail nichole@patsacres.com

PARC would like to thank those involved in helping build a great series, we are looking forward to seeing all of those formerly involved in the last season. Thanks to all of you guys for getting this started. Lets keep the scene momentum going. See ya at the track….

Track Day Schedule:

Gates:  10:00 a.m.

Auditions:  11:00 a.m.

Open Track:  12:00 noon till 7:00 p.m.

2014 Event Dates

January 18, Saturday
February 15, Saturday
March 15, Saturday
April 12, Saturday  (Note: Date Change)
May 18, Sunday
June 22, Sunday
July 13, Sunday
Aug  31-Sept 2    Labor Day Weekend 2 Day Event!!!

Sept 28, Sunday
Oct 26, Sunday
Nov 15, Saturday
Dec 13, Saturday


32 Responses to “Drift Events”

  1. Paul Paliy

    What’s the entry fee to just watch and take photos? And do you need a license to take photos there?

  2. Hey, do I need to do anything in order to get a media pass to take photos on the track?

  3. what are the requirements for becoming ‘media” ?

  4. Kanwar

    170 for a day of drifting, really? explain these “auditions”

    • parc

      The cost for driving is $100. There is a once a year membership fee of $40 as we are a members only facility per the county. You would pay $30 to audition and if you pass you would pay the $70 to make it $100 for your driving fee. There are a couple discounts if you qualify for them. One is $20 off if you travel 150 miles or more. You just have to show your license with an address. The other discount is $20 off if you do ride-a-longs. Hopefully this helped clarify things. As for the auditions…we have you do 3 laps to observe your driving ability. We require that you keep your car on the pavement so just take it easy on those laps. I think only one person has ever failed so its not too hard. Hope to see you at the P.A.R.C on the 6th!

  5. JCA Customs

    Is cage required for any of the drifting events? Also, can i receive information on vendor table booth/ tent?

    Thank you,
    JCA Customs

  6. Grant

    hello, I am interested in making a trip from B.C to your track. What is the best way to organize fees and such prior to making the trip.

  7. Jose

    Do you guys have any pictures from the guys taking picures out in the track from January 26, 2013 drift?

  8. Adin

    Is there any procedures you have to take if you wanna take photos from the inner grass other than wearing an orange vest?

  9. Josh

    Hi. I’ve never drifted before, only HPDE and autocross. Do you have a class or something where you have an instructor in the car telling you what to do or should I just practice in a parking lot when it’s wet with the hopes of cops not giving me a ticket? ;)

  10. [...] the CCW wheels that were originally on until we started using the extra 18′s for beatin up PARC. We had them anodized semi-gloss black and also had the Intake Manifold to match. Going to start [...]

  11. Road Rash NW (Wayne)

    I will be there for the media, so I will get to emailing Chris soon. I loved the free range last time and would like to come out for some video this time.

  12. Just an FYI: The Drift memberships will be cut down to $20.00 in the Months of Nov and Dec 2012, due to the fact that ALL drivers have to Renew their Memberships in 2013. The 2013 membership will be good for Drift, Karting and Rentals. Thanks, PARC

  13. [...] the CCW wheels that were originally on until we started using the extra 18′s for beatin up PARC. We had them anodized semi-gloss black and also had the Intake Manifold to match. Going to start [...]

  14. [...] the CCW wheels that were originally on until we started using the extra 18′s for beatin up PARC. We had them anodized semi-gloss black and also had the Intake Manifold to match. Going to start [...]

  15. Mario

    What time does the drift events start and what time does the track close?

  16. What does the “media pass” get you? And is it just $15 or is that on top of the general admission?

    • parc

      It is a flat $15 fee, we have a 10 pass limit so you have to email chris@patsacres.com and give a description of what you have done in the past and where the pictures are going. Links or youtube videos are best. We limit it to ten media passes a day so you have to make prior arrangements to make the list for that day.

  17. Jr

    how ,who and when do i go about paying and entering an event?

    • parc

      As a driver it is a $30 fee to audition. If/when you pass you pay remaining $50 of the entry fee. Upon approval you must purchase a once a year $40 license.

  18. Ket

    Hi I drive Pro Am up at Evergreen, I want to come drive june 2nd but I dont want to pay 40 $ for a membership I can only use once a year. How long does the membership last for. As I understand it costs 120.00 to come drive once, my first time. No offense, i really like your track but at a time where tracks are lowering there prices,(EVERGREEN) you seem to be tripling prices for us out of town guys that want to come down and shred.

    • parc

      We charge $30 for audition, and the other $50 if/when you pass. After that it is a $40 membership for the approved drivers. Give us a call before you plan on making that long of a drive, we love to see all you guys down here

  19. RJ Simkovich

    These “auditions” that you must display in order to drift, what does that entail?

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  21. Logan Senner

    Do you have to sign a waiver for the ride alongs?? Im only 16 and my dad tore is hamstring so he cant drive out


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