League-PARC Super Series


Pat’s Acres is excited to welcome our new rental fleet of SODIKART GT 5′s to our facility.  The SODIKART GT 5 is the most popular rental kart in the world.  Equipped with Honda 9 HP motors, these karts will propel you down the front straight away at nearly 55 mph.  These GT 5 karts will hold nearly 1.5 lateral G’s through the corners of our scenic twisted road course.  No place else in the Portland area will you experience the speed and thrills that Pat’s Acres can offer.  Drivers must be a minimum of 16 years old, with a signed parental release for anyone under 18 to race in the league night series.

2014 PARC Super Series Schedule

Rental Karts


  • May 13 – Tuesday
  • June 10 – Tuesday
  • July 15 – Tuesday
  • August 12 – Tuesday
  • September 16 – Tuesday
  • October 7 – Tuesday

*All racing begins promptly at 6:15

***24 Maximum drivers per night.  First 24 to register will drive. Pre-Registration will close on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. prior to the current event.  If it is not full we will accept walk-ins.



    2014 PARC SuperSeries Primer

Along with the arrival of our new fleet of rental karts comes a brand new structure and approach to our league racing.  We are excited about the new race format, rules package, and overall program that we are introducing for the 2014 season.  Get ready for the PARC SuperSeries Arrive and Drive Championship Racing Series.  No, that will not be the official name, but you get the idea.  The 2014 PARC SuperSeries will run through the beginning of October.  These events will be scheduled once a month for a total of 6 races.  Here is an outline of the new program:

The PARC SuperSeries will contest 3 different categories…

Open-(16 yrs. and older drivers who have raced with us before in other series)

Heavy-(drivers weighing a minimum of 190lbs)

Rookie-(16 yrs. and older who have never raced in a series before).

All 3 categories will race together, intermixed at the same events.  At the conclusion of the series 3 Champions will be crowned along with 3 runner-ups and 3 third place drivers.  Championship jackets and trophies will be handed out at the series finale banquet.

An increased lap count and new racing karts are at the forefront of the new format.  Each race will consist of a 6 minute qualifying session, two 8 lap heat races, and a 16 lap main event.  Point totals will be tallied for placement in the mains, with the winning driver of each main advancing to the next main.  That is nearly 40 laps of competition per race and virtually the same price per lap for drivers preregistering.  Karts will be pre certified by our staff prior to each race day to ensure consistency.  A complete race staff, including race director, official starter, grid steward and corner marshals, will be present for each round.

Of the 6 races staged at PARC, drivers will tally their top 5 finishes, determining who will take home the end of the year hardware.  Race by race awards will also be handed to each of the category winners on a nightly basis.

Entries to the PARC SuperSeries will be limited to 24 drivers for each race.  Pre-registration will be available for the entire Series, as well as for each race.  Drivers signing up for the entire series will be guaranteed a seat for each round, with the remaining seats being filled on a first-registered basis.  PRE-REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON SUNDAY  AT 6:00 p.m. PRIOR TO THE CURRENT EVENT.  Race day walk-ins will be taken if there is room.

Our new fleet of Sodikart GP5 karts will also make a big difference in what the series will offer.  The handling and consistency of the new karts is awesome with straight away speeds approaching 55 mph.  New helmets, a new shop facility, and a renewed commitment to track conditions and preparation are also raising the bar for what our customers can expect.

PARC is very excited about our new program and what we have to offer heading into the 2014 season.  We hope you are too!  We are looking forward to seeing many of the ol’ seasoned veterans return to defend previous titles and looking forward to meeting many new driers who share the same passion for the sport of racing.  Stay tuned for the release of the 2014 PARC SuperSeries schedule, the official rules package, and pre-registration forms.  These items and other pertinent information will be posted on our website soon….

TUESDAY NIGHT LEAGUE COST:  $99.00 per night.  There is a $10.00 discount if you pre-register by Sunday at 6:00 p.m. before the current event.  This can be done by e-mail  with nichole@patsacres.com. or by calling her at (503)888-5948 (soon to be online!). This price includes a 6 minute qualifying session, two 8 lap  heat races, and a 16 lap feature. Dinner will be available on site for purchase. Trophies will be awarded to the top finisher in each category every league event. The top three winners of each series will receive year end series trophies. In addition, the series winners will be awarded jackets for all three league champions. Qualifying will start promptly at 6:15pm on Tuesday night.



2 Responses to “League-PARC Super Series”

  1. Beef

    Please consider doing yellow flag/restart when people’s karts break. People (customers, essentially) should not be penalized for mechanical failures over which they have no control. Simply driving around the track in a replacement kart while a lap-and-a-half down is no consolation.

    Thank you.

    • parc

      Mechanical failures are always an unfortunate situation. That kart threw a belt on the grid prior to the B Main. A repair was made and the kart ran fine for the duration of the B Main. It was fine on the warm up lap for your A Main. The belt came off coming out of corner 2, more than likely due to contact with another kart or the curbing in corner 2. No way to tell for sure but they are machines and sometimes things happen beyond our control. This is a rental kart program and we cannot do a restart every time something happens. I have never seen a motorsports event ever do a restart for mechanical failure and would not like to set that president.