Racing Schools

Lessons are available only during the racing season and only during the week prior to opening hours.

Intro to karting class

2 Hour Class $159 (Includes License)
1 Hour Class $99 (Kid Karts Only)

Our intro to Karting class is designed for the first time racer. Our goal is to teach the drivers the basics of racing and about the rules of racing and driving on the track. It is a great way see if your kids are going to enjoy racing before you go spend thousands of dollars on a kart of their own. This 2 hour class gives the drivers plenty of track time and emphasizes fun and learning as well as the basics of performance driving. Kids 5 and up are eligible for the class. The cost is $159 includes the annual license, kart rental, and all your safety gear. We also offer a 1-hour class for Kid Karts Only atĀ $99 per hourĀ (annual license not included). Classes offered weekday mornings from 10:00am till noon. Please call to make an appointment.

Individual Driving and Tuning Lessons

We also offer instruction on a one on one basis for those with their own karts looking to sharpen their skills. Our instructors are some of the most accomplished racers around. We will analyze your individual abilities and then improve them guaranteed. This is the cheapest and most effective way to take time off your laps available. Drivers of any age are eligible. The cost is $35-$65 per hour with a one hour minimum. Lessons are available most of the time but an appointment is necessary.