Super Moto


2014 Pat’s Acres Supermoto


*All efforts were made to avoid scheduling conflict with OMRRA and OregonSuperBikers schedules. Unfortunately the May and July dates conflict. Rest assured this was certainly not intentional.

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*******************************Attention All Riders****************************
PARC will REQUIRE ALL bikes to comply with strict sound limits at all times. ALL bikes at ALL times must be equal to or quieter than Stock CRF450/YZF450/KTM SM450 bikes. There will be No exceptions to this rule. PARC has a sound meter on site at all times and will do courtesy checks for anyone.

Upcoming Race Info

Saturday or Sunday Scheduled Practice $40 From 10-00am till 8:00pm
Sunday Race entry $49 (unlimited classes)
Pit passes $10 Sunday only
Over night camping allowed
gate opens at 8:00am
Practice at 9:00am
2 heats per class at 10:00am
Main event will follow heats. Will have 4 race groups.
Event done around 12:30 or so.
SuperMoto classes only.
We will ride the dirt weather permitting.
Ribbons awarded based on entries.
1st  thru 6th

Membership Cost:
Motorcycle Annual Membership (required) $20

Daily Fee:
Practice Fee with Membership $40

The class structure will be very simple and is as follows:
JR LIGHTS: Open to riders 11-15. Limited to 150cc (85cc 2 stroke). Any ability welcome within age group.
NOVICE LIGHTS: Open to riders 13 and up. Limited to 250cc (125cc 2 stroke). Entry level riders or little to moderate experience.
PRO-AM LIGHTS: Open to riders 13 and up. limited to 250cc (125cc 2 stroke).
Moderate experience to professional level riders.
NOVICE OPEN: Open to riders 14 and up. limited to 450cc (250cc 2 stroke).
Entry level or little to moderate experience.
PRO-AM OPEN: Open to riders age 14 and up. No limit on cc’s.
Moderate experience to professional level riders.
MASTERS: Open to riders age 35 and older. Open cc’s.
Any experience level.

Events held during the bad weather will run pavement only with our reworked dirt section being utilized when ever possible. Be sure to check back often for more details. Let’s kick start the local SuperMoto craze again. Stay tuned and feel free to contact us with input.

For additional info, you can call the track at (503)266-7287 or email
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