Track Facts

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The 43 acre PARC was built back in the 1930’s by Pat Sabin for his employees to enjoy with their families. Through the years, some big name bands would occassionaly stop by and play. Groups like the Mama’s & Papa’s and Paul Revere and the Raiders have banged it out inside what is now the Pavillion Kart Shop.

In the 1950’s, came motorcycle racing on the dirt. Then in 1965, Harry Heger bought the property and built a kart track. Though it has changed in the last 35 years or so, we believe it is fulfilling the dreams that Mr. Heger had some years ago. His grandsons still occasionally make it out to sharpen their skills.

The track was purchased by Chris and Lisa Egger in the Spring of 1998. The Eggers along with their children are presently operating this facility today.

Pat’s Acres has a deep history of hosting some of the biggest races in this country. In 1995, under the direction of the Portland Karting Association, Pat’s Acres hosted the largest IKF 2-cycle Grandnationals in American Karting History. This event put Pat’s Acres on the National Map. In 1997, WKA brought the National Constructors Cup Championships to Canby. Again, this facility was the perfect setting.

PARCS’ proudest moments have come in the last ten years. Superkarts!USA has made PARC a permanent fixture for their National SKUSA PROMOTO TOUR. This was the Premier Tour in the US and drew competitors from coast to coast.

7 Responses to “Track Facts”

  1. devin

    Can i bring my pocket bike there to practice?

  2. paul

    What is the lenth of the track


    Can we bring our own go-karts and practice/race at your facility?

  4. parc

    No roll bars, seat belts or wheel guards. You must have a full faced helmet, gloves, skid poof jacket/suit, and closed toe shoes.

  5. parc

    We offer one to two hour lessons weekday mornings before we open. Arrange a time and price with an email