O2s Championship Race!

September 11, 2022 – Round 5 of the Open 2-stroke Championship

Event Information


Shifter Open (KZ) — Homologated /KZ engines and Modified Hondas

Shifter Stock (Honda/ROK) — Honda Stock Moto and Stock ROK. Also includes SGM L198 and SL204.

O2s100 — ROK VLR, KA100, X100AC, KT100* – Jr 310, Sr 350, Mstr 380.

TaG Masters — X30, X125T, Leopard, Rotax, Vortex ROK, Dragon, etc.

TaG Sr. — X30, X125T, Vortex ROK, Leopard, Rotax, etc.

TaG Jr. — X30, X125T, Vortex ROK, Leopard, Rotax, etc.

TaG Cadet — Mini/Micro Swift, Jr 1/2 restricted X125T, Vortex ROK, Rotax, 100cc Leopard, etc.

**Pre-enter by emailing info (@o2schampionship.com) with First/Last name, phone#, Class & Kart Number (transponder # if available)**

Entry Fee: $85 ($75 for Military Veterans)

Pit Space: FREE!

Pit Pass: FREE!

Tires, Fuel, Rules, and more information at https://www.o2schampionship.com/

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